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Member of The International Society of Weighing and Measurement
The Kardux Cup presented by the International Society of Weighing and Measurement for the Outstanding New Product that Advances Technology in the Weighing and Measurement Industry.
Virtual Measurements & Control, Inc.
In 1995, Virtual Measurements & Control, Inc, (VMC) was formed with the vision to provide mass-customized measurement and control products for the changing technological needs in factory automation in the 21st century. Overall, our company can be characterized as a futuristic manufacturer of measurement and control instrumentation, combining real-time controls of machines and processes with PC (personal computer) technologies for factory automation. VMC has adopted the new industry standard PC-104. Our product concept works as such, the customer defines their need, and we add additional PC-104 boards or design customized software for their application.

In June 1997, at the International Society of Weighing and Measurement's annual conference we introduced our product to the Weighing and Measurement Industry. The International Technical Committee, judged our product, among products from all other major manufactures, to be the "Outstanding New Product that Advances Technology in the Weighing & Measurement Industry". Virtual Measurements & Control was presented the prestigious Kardux Cup for Outstanding New Product. This provided instant international recognition and brought inquires and sales from the global market. Needs for more and better process control, and information on factory operation / performance in all industries has increased dramatically. Fast technology - based solutions in the form of software are needed and these are exactly what our products can provide.

Our use of the PC-104 compact modular design takes the PC from the desktop, combines it with our real-time machine and process control products can be quickly packaged for the rugged environment on the factory floor. VMC is the first in our industry to develop PC-104 control modules and instruments for the weighing, measurement and control market. VMC has continued to make huge strides in its software packages. The active X control for Windows® and the SMARTS programming language truly give the power to the end user when it comes to customizing their applications. Virtual Measurements and Control promises to push the envelope of technology in the weighing and measurement industry well into the future.

In recent years, our company took on a massive program to expand the company's product range into various kinds of weighing equipment. The company now offers products from balances to industrial platform scales. Load cells were also added to our range to compliment the ever expanding customer requirements.

The newest inclusions into our family of products are Metal Detectors and Checkweighers. This new range offers state of the art technology for the inspection of products for safety and conformity.
The photo below shows the automated robotic assembly of an MC Module. The automated surface mount assembly techniques guarantee consistent quality and accuracy in each assembly.
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