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Introduction to Data Logging System
The data Logging System consist of the Historian Software and the VDL-CF-701 Data-Logger.

It allows the capturing of process data to be automated with addition of time stamp. Process data can be archived & subsequently retrieved whenever required. It allows reports to be built for the process data, and captured data to be tracked or analysed.
  • Data is captured to compact flash card from VC500/VC200 with data logger with RS232.
  • Data is added and archived for future use to PC when compact flash card in inserted into PC with flash card reader and VMC historian application activated.
  • VMC historian will manage data archiving of captured data on PC.
  • Storage can be increase - Bigger Compact Flash storage is available (up to 2GB)
  • VMC historian application provides date based reporting capabilities
  • Non connected data capturing and archiving through use of compact flash car - allows data to be transported after capture
  • Recording operation can be controlled at Data logger - data can be captured only when necessary
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