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  •   VC 505 Custom Indicator
  •   VC 505 Board Level Product
    VC 505 Programmable Indicator
    The VC-505-S has programmable capability using our SMARTS language. The SMARTS programming language is a simple means to adapt the VC-505-S to machine and process control applications without the need for custom factory programming. The core of the VC-505-S is a PC-104 industrial hardened MC module with an on board PC-104 self-stacking 8-bit bus connector . The MC module introduces the first "Intelligent Digital Filter" using Fuzzy Logic. The VC-505-S supports five single-ended transducer input channels (3 scale inputs). In addition, the VC-505-S provides some of the same I/O capabilities as a PLC (AC, DC, high-speed counter, positioning, and PID). The VC-505-S comes with a 17 key keypad and a high resolution graphics display. The standard 8"x10"x4" enclosure can fit up to 16 solid state relays. This compact package gives you a true state-of-the-art system for transducer measurements, and machine and process control applications. The VC-505-S display is totally customizable for your application. The VC-505-S can be networked to a PC using our ActiveX control. In addition, some factory network interface cards (such as Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus) are available as options.
    High Resolution Alphanumeric Display Standard
    Three Scale Input Standard
    Six Scale Input (Additional MC Module) Optional
    Excitation Power up to (12) 350ohm Load Cells Standard
    Two Serial Communications Ports
    (RS-232, RS485, & 20mA)
    RS-485 Multi-Drop (Addressable to 32) Standard
    PC/104 Compliant Bus (8 bit connector) Standard
    Time & Date (Y2K compliant) Standard
    Selectable Low Pass Filter Standard
    Menu Driven Operation and Calibration Standard

    Password Protected Menu Features

    NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Enclosure Optional
    Start/Stop and Manual Controls Optional
    Table Mount Stands Optional
    SMARTS Capability Standard
    Trace Mode Debugging Standard
    ActiveX Controller 32 bit Application Development Optional
    8-Channel Relay Card (internally mounted) Optional
    Additional Relay Card (8 inputs, 8 outputs total) Optional
    I/O Expansion Board
    (expandable I/O to a total of 112 points)
    Alphanumeric Keyboard Input
    (Remote or Enclosure Mounted)
    Battery or DC Operation Optional
    Analog Output Board (15 bit, 2 Channel) Optional
    Factory Network Communications (various) Optional
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