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Introduction to Software
Virtual Measurements & Control provides two main software products, SMARTS and the Active X control. Both of these software products are intended to allow the end-user more control over their application.

SMARTS is used to program the VC-505-S and some of our custom products. It is easy to learn and extremely powerful. SMARTS allows the end-user to take control of virtually every aspect of the application. With the trace mode debugging, SMARTS programs can quickly be up and running. In addition, VMC post many of its SMARTS programs. Simply download VM Term (the software tool that downloads the SMARTS into the VC-505-S) and the SMARTS Manual and you are ready for SMARTS programming. Download some of our posted SMARTS programs and manuals and try running them on your VC-505-S. Use the programs that we have designed for the foundation of your custom program.

The Active X control is used to interface any of the VC-500 series products to a PC. The Active X control is used with a program such as Microsoft Visual Basic® to create a user interface. This interface can be designed to be a check weigher, a wheel weigher, a tank weigher, almost anything. Imagine not having to walk outside to check the indicator to see if the tank is full, simply look on the computer. The interface created with our Active X does not have to be limited to showing data on your computer. The interface can allow the user to control the instrument from the PC. In addition, the Active X control can be used to download SMARTS programs into your VC-505-S or custom product. Imagine changing batch formulas from your computer on the fly. Not only can we do it, we have done it.
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