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The VC505 is developed with an open architecture concept to facilitate system integrators for developing custom application. SMARTS is used as the embedded software for coding the controller application software.
SMARTS stores data in variables which could be easily retrieved by computer based software for many purposes. These variables values can also be set through the PC software. This feature gives provides system integrators to easily develop human machine interfaces via PC. For example:
  1. This data can be used to store ingredient recipes
  2. Collect actual production batch data
  3. Controlling of the digital input and output for starting and stopping of productions
  4. Monitoring of process conditions
  5. Identifying production efficiency
To make communication easier, we have developed the VBX ActiveX control module to simplify the effort for system integrators for communication.
Through the years, we have developed countless HMI application and our experience in this field has enabled to share our knowledge with the industries. The VC505 is armed with many field communication bus like Profibus, Modbus, Device Net etc. It also supports communication via standard serial RS232 and RS485 links as well as Ethernet.
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